About Dan


My Approach

My number one goal in life is that each of my clients leave their personal training session with me feeling strong, positive, energised and ready to take life on; no barriers, no excuses!

I specialise in strength and conditioning, body transformation, nutritional planning, postural improvement, body aesthetics, core strength and weight loss. I would hope that the evidence is clear that fitness is my number one passion in life.

My aim is to spread that passion and enthusiasm and show you what a huge difference exercise and good nutrition can have in your life to help you achieve the body and state of mind you have always dreamed of.

I continue to broaden my knowledge within the health and fitness industry to ensure all of my clients benefit from a excellent workout that is challenging, motivating and fun.

I offer no nonsense tailor specific personal training, health, fitness and nutrition solutions for committed individuals who would truly like to better their lives.

Philosophy: "Perseverance is within us all!"

My Story

Coming from a mixed Zimbabwean and English background, I found identity to be quite challenging from an early age. I was born in Harare, Zimbabwe but moved to England at the age of four.

Despite my age, I struggled with what it meant to be part of both cultures independently or both simultaneously. For me, this was my first experience of identity.

As the years past, I moved from location to location around South London and found that London played (and still plays) host to one of the widest varieties of cultures in the world. Identity was and still is a hot topic for everyone.

One common question that I think most of us have asked ourselves is:

"Can I identify with that person?"

A persons country, religion and work most commonly springs to mind; but what about real social self preservation? Well, you guessed it.. I am of course talking about a persons health and fitness.

'Life is the biggest gift someone could receive, are they looking after it?'

Through my childhood years and early teens I was able to identify mostly with the people around me when playing and engaging in the likes of tennis, football, basketball, running and swimming. The absolutely outstanding idea of using your body, using your body to perform a skill and using your body to look after yourself and life as a whole was a powerful mindset for me.

What made it even greater was when I was able to identify with others that shared the same view. The energy created both socially and performance wise was unstoppable! I was addicted and felt the message needed to be shared... As I competed in various different sporting events I soon developed a love for all things health, fitness, anatomy, physiology, rehab, strength, mobility, flexibility and particularly body transformations.

What could I do to improve someones life...?

It was clear that I wanted to help others...


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